ANCHORAGE, Nov. 1, 2018 — Mike Dunleavy emerged as the clear winner against Mark Begich in tonight’s debate, the last in the race for governor of Alaska ahead of Tuesday’s election.

Throughout the debate, Begich struggled to defend his support for Ballot Measure 1, a job-killing initiative opposed by Alaska’s labor unions, industry leaders and small businesses.

“When asked about his support for Ballot Measure 1, Begich prefers to change the subject,” said Dunleavy.

On the PFD, Dunleavy cornered Begich for his lack of a record on the issue. Begich’s evolving scheme to permanently cut the PFD – resulting in more money for government and less for individual Alaskans – is a cornerstone of his campaign.

“No one will defend the PFD more than me,” said Dunleavy. “I stood up for the PFD when Begich was in Washington D.C. making millions for his clients. He was nowhere to be found.”

In his final pitch to voters, Dunleavy drew a stark contrast with his opponent: “On the PFD, on taxes, and on resource development, my opponent is on the wrong side of Alaskans. If you want full PFDs, jobs and a strong economy, I humbly ask for your vote on November 6.”

Mark Begich:
• Promises to cap PFDs and push a risky scheme that jeopardizes dividends in the future;
• Supports new taxes on Alaskans and he’s not picky about which type of tax;
• Will not cut the budget; and
• Supports job-killing Ballot Measure 1

Mike Dunleavy:
• Supports protecting full PFDs in the Constitution and paying back money owed;
• Opposes taxing Alaskans;
• Will reduce the budget; and
• Opposes job-killing Ballot Measure 1.

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