ANCHORAGE, Oct. 19, 2018 — Brett Huber, campaign manager for Alaskans for Dunleavy, made the following statement regarding Governor Bill Walker’s announcement that he is suspending his re-election campaign.

“Governor Walker could have chosen a dignified, graceful exit to his campaign. Instead, he opted to bow out with a bitter, partisan attack on Mike Dunleavy. It’s too bad—Alaskans deserve better.

“While many special interest power brokers have labored feverishly in the last few days to manipulate this election, our campaign has operated transparently, in full view of the public, from day one. Mike Dunleavy has traveled the state, listening to voters at town halls, debates, and forums. The message from voters is clear: they’re upset about slashed PFDs, skyrocketing crime, explosive government growth, record unemployment, and dismal educational outcomes. Mike Dunleavy has the vision and leadership to tackle these challenges and place Alaska on a different trajectory.

“Mike entered the race for governor in 2017 and expected from the outset that he would be in a two-way race. Today’s developments leave Alaska voters with a clear choice. They can choose a career politician who welcomes new taxes, promises to cap the PFD, and wants to greatly expand the size of government. Or they can choose a leader who will reduce the size of government, pay full PFDs, and put criminals in jail where they belong. Bill Walker may have suspended his campaign, but his agenda remains on the Nov. 6 ballot. Mike Dunleavy believes it’s time to finally put an end to political gamesmanship and place our state on a course toward a more prosperous and optimistic future.” ###