ANCHORAGE, Aug. 15, 2018 — The Alaskans for Dunleavy campaign called on the Walker/Mallott administration to suspend campaigning and focus on fixing the problems associated with thousands of voters being erroneously moved into the wrong districts.

“It is outrageous to think that less than a week from now, thousands of Alaskans will show up at the correct voting precinct, only to be told that a bureaucratic error has caused them to be incorrectly listed as living somewhere else,” said Brett Huber, campaign manager for Alaskans for Dunleavy. “The timing and optics of this fiasco could not be worse, as it’s unfolding under the watch of a governor and lieutenant governor who aren’t even candidates in the August 21st primary election. Since they aren’t on the ballot, perhaps Governor Walker and Lt. Governor Mallott could spare some time to ensure that the rest of Alaska actually experiences a fair election.”

The debacle of changed addresses came to light recently when voters began checking their registration information online and noticed errors. The Division of Elections claims this is a result of the Permanent Fund dividend automatic voter registration, a ballot initiative that passed in 2016, nearly two years ago.

The newly uncovered situation makes it entirely possible that thousands of voters will show up on Tuesday, August 21, to vote in the Primary Election, only to find themselves unable to vote for their chose legislative candidates, many of whom are running in hotly contested races. Even worse, the deadline for voters to register or update their registration for the Primary Election was on July 22.

“The lieutenant governor has only one real, important job: run fair elections in the State of Alaska,” said Huber. “With two years to get a plan together, it’s inexcusable for these problems to be coming to light just days before a major election. Unfortunately, shoddy election practices seem to be a hallmark of this administration. In 2016, we saw the results of a legislative election overturned because election workers gave out the wrong ballots to voters.  This year, we saw the Division of Elections sending out erroneous information about the start date for early voting. Then there was the stunning lack of transparency about multiple hacking attacks on the computers of the Division of Elections. The credibility of those who administer our elections has been badly eroded.

Alaskans deserve a clean, fair election, and the current administration needs to stop campaigning and start governing.”