ANCHORAGE, Oct. 26, 2018 — A clear contrast was drawn last night during the first televised debate between the two leading candidates for Governor of Alaska, Mike Dunleavy and Mark Begich. Brett Huber, campaign manager to Mike Dunleavy, today released the following statement in response.

“Elections are about choices. And, last night, voters were presented with a clear choice: On one side was Mark Begich, a career politician who promises to permanently cut the PFD, grow government, impose a ‘blend’ of new taxes and kill resource development in Alaska. On the other side stood Mike Dunleavy, a former public school teacher who will protect the full PFD in the Alaska Constitution, limit government, stop new taxes and unleash Alaska’s resource potential.

“Mark Begich is the slickest politician in Alaska, and yet even he failed last night to sell his scheme to permanently cut the PFD. Alaskans know that a ‘sustainable’ PFD is code for slashing the dividend to grow government. Mike Dunleavy is the only candidate with a proven record of supporting the traditional PFD. When Mike talks about protecting the PFD in the constitution, he’s referring to the traditional PFD, not the small dividend Begich is trying to sell.

“Mike Dunleavy trusts the people of Alaska and believes that no change to the structure of the Permanent Fund Dividend program should be made without a vote of the people – now or at any time in the future. And he’s the only candidate who supports paying back to Alaskans the dividends that are owed to them but not paid.”

Mark Begich:

  • Promises to cap PFDs and push a risky scheme that jeopardizes it in the future;
  • Wants to tax Alaskans and he’s not picky about which type of tax;
  • Has said repeatedly he will not cut the budget; and
  • Would hand over our state to radical environmentalists who want to shut down Alaska.

Mike Dunleavy:

  • Supports protecting full PFDs in the Constitution and paying back money owed;
  • Opposes taxing Alaskans;
  • Will reduce the budget;
  • Will fight radical environmental groups who want to turn our state into a national park; and
  • Believes government should serve the people.

# # #