ANCHORAGE, March 10, 2018 — Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy today expressed his gratitude for the overwhelming recommendation he received from delegates attending the Alaska Republican Party’s statewide convention in Anchorage this weekend.

“I deeply appreciate this vote of confidence from several hundred of the most politically involved folks in our state,” said Dunleavy.  “Every delegate I spoke with realizes that Alaska is not living up to its potential, and that we urgently need a course correction for our state. I’m grateful that a large majority of the delegates see my candidacy as a way to build an Alaska that is once again prosperous and optimistic.”

Dunleavy won the recommendation of 77 percent of delegates, more than any other candidate in the Republican Primary.  The enthusiasm for Mike Dunleavy’s campaign is also reflected in the latest campaign finance reports, which indicate that he has received more contributions from individual Alaskans than all other Republican gubernatorial candidates added together.

Prior to Saturday’s vote on recommending candidates for statewide office, Dunleavy spoke to the assembled delegates and shared his agenda for confronting the many challenges facing the state.

“I’m truly excited about the opportunity to be the next Governor of the great state of Alaska.  The problems we face as a state are serious.  But as I have already made clear, they are not insurmountable.  With the right leader, with well thought out policies, and the guts to implement those policies, Alaska’s future is incredibly bright.”