ANCHORAGE, Oct. 4, 2018 — Today, gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy received the endorsement of former Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell. A successful businessman and Arctic policy expert, Treadwell finished second in the 2018 Republican primary election for governor.

“It’s great to receive the endorsement of a former competitor who understands the state is on the wrong track,” said Dunleavy. “I’m grateful for the support of Mead Treadwell, and also of businessman Scott Hawkins. Whatever differences existed among the Republican primary candidates, we all stand united in our commitment to change the leadership of this state, so that Alaska can realize its true potential.”

Treadwell’s endorsement was made this morning in Fairbanks, where he and Dunleavy were attending a meeting of the Alaska Support Industry Alliance, an organization dedicated to promoting the state’s oil, gas, and mining industries. Treadwell delivered an address to the group on Arctic policy, an area in which he’s highly regarded as an expert.

Dunleavy said he and Treadwell both appreciate the crucial role that resource development plays in solving Alaska’s most pressing problems. “Whether we’re talking about protecting the PFD, confronting our crime problem, or improving our educational outcomes, resource development holds the key for funding government and building a more prosperous economy so that we can successfully tackle these challenges.”