ANCHORAGE, Sept. 7, 2018 — Gubernatorial candidate Mike Dunleavy today released the following statement in response to Mark Begich’s support for the job-killing initiative, Ballot Measure 1, which is backed by out-of-state radical environmentalists.

“Ballot Measure 1 threatens responsible resource development in the State of Alaska, a state whose very existence is predicated on its ability to development its resources. But Ballot Measure 1 goes further than that: It jeopardizes infrastructure in communities across the state, including rural Alaska, affecting everything from runways and wastewater treatment to road construction.

“It’s clear that Begich stands against new jobs, wealth creation and revenue for Alaska, meaning his fiscal plan can only be sustained through more PFD cuts and taxes on everyday Alaskans and Alaska-owned businesses. This is not the leadership that Alaska needs, and Alaskans should be deeply concerned about his position.

“Our campaign is the only one dedicated to reducing government spending, promoting stable and predictable policies for investors to develop our resources and reignite our economy, and giving Alaskans the opportunity to work in good-paying, family supporting jobs.”