ANCHORAGE, July 18, 2018 — With just over a month remaining before the August 21st primary election, former Governor Sean Parnell announced his endorsement of Mike Dunleavy for governor yesterday.

In Parnell’s endorsement, he said, “we need a governor who will once again look out for Alaskans’ interests, make us safer, create opportunity, and be a governor who will create a climate for more Alaska jobs. Mike Dunleavy will be that governor.”

“When Mike Dunleavy tells you something, you can believe it,” Parnell continued. “He doesn’t tell you one thing in a campaign and do another. Mike Dunleavy puts every Alaskan first. That’s why I’m voting for him,” Parnell said.

Dunleavy welcomed the former governor’s announcement. “I humbly accept Governor Parnell’s thoughtful endorsement,” he said. “Sean Parnell led our state for just under six years, and during that time he dealt with some of the most consequential issues we’ve faced in recent history. He tackled Alaska’s unfunded pension liability, an act that saved the state billions of dollars. Parnell also led the charge on oil tax reform, which stabilized and then increased oil production for the first time in decades and produced more per-barrel revenue when Alaska needed it most.”

The former governor’s support, Dunleavy noted, helps clarify the choices before voters. “Governor Parnell’s support at this early stage of the race means a lot to me and provides a clear contrast with the reckless economic policies of my opponents, which threaten to drive more jobs out of Alaska and hurt our working families.”