ANCHORAGE, July 19, 2018 – The FHWA Record of Decision for Juneau Access supported by Governor Bill Walker closes the $500 million shovel-ready project.

Juneau is the largest community and only capital city on the North American continent not connected to the continental highway system. The No Action alternative leaves Juneau without a sustainable transportation plan.

“Alaska continues to rank at the bottom of the states in economic performance. We need to get our state moving and we need leadership that will work to create jobs and economic prosperity. Juneau Access is a project which will employ hundreds of Alaskans in the construction phase, and provide lasting economic opportunity.”

Candidate Bill Walker ran on a platform of economic development often speaking of his support for infrastructure development. When asked about the project, he often replied that he likes to build things. “Like many of the unkept campaign promises, Juneau Access can be added to Bill Walker’s list of failures,” stated Dunleavy.

Mike Dunleavy is in favor of Juneau Access, and will work with the federal government to improve access to the capital city and put Alaskans to work.